What is a dissertation plan?

In order to properly present your scientific work, you should carefully study the previously published materials on the chosen topic. Thus, you will be able to understand what studies have been conducted on the chosen topic before you, and also to find out whether your work will be able to help in the development of the topic touched upon. A reflection of the understanding of the value of scientific work is a work plan, which may change several times in the process of writing a master’s thesis.

Only with the understanding of the structure of the master’s thesis you can make a correct plan of scientific work. The structure of the master’s thesis is the same for all works:

1. Title page.

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction.

4. The main content part.

5. Conclusion.

6. List of symbols.

7. List of used literature.

8. Applications (only if required).

To begin writing a master’s thesis should be from the content, after the introduction is written. The table of contents and conclusion are written last, as these two parts of the thesis require a thorough understanding of the finished material.

In terms of the master’s thesis, the author of work is obliged to reflect the approach to the study of this topic, including to acquaint with scientific works on the chosen topic of the master’s thesis. It is also necessary to point out the gaps in this field of knowledge and lead to the main question, the answer to which will be obtained in the process of research. The plan of the practical part should contain a thorough description of the analysis and the experiment performed. Special attention should be paid to the final conclusions and results.

While writing a master’s thesis, the vision of the plan may change several times. Some blocks can be deleted or inserted or swapped. Master’s thesis should be re-checked several times, so the work will become more complete, more accurate and better. Do not forget to re-read your work only “with a fresh mind”, so you can better evaluate it and make the correct changes. In addition, you can find previously omitted grammatical errors and inaccuracies. In this regard, the adjustment of the plan is quite an ordinary process in writing a master’s thesis.

In summing up, it should be said that the master’s thesis plan is the basis before the beginning of the main work. As with any scientific activity, writing a thesis requires a special approach and understanding.