How to write the theoretical part of master thesis?

The writing of the theoretical part of the master’s thesis is entirely based on the study of scientific literature, which is selected and agreed at the stage of preparation for the writing of the thesis. Scientific sources include:

– monographs

– textbooks

– benefits

– articles from scientific publications

– scientific reports and presentations

– bibliographic sources

– abstracts

Selection of sources is one of the most important activities. Moreover, this concerns not only the writing of a master’s thesis. But also any other scientific work. When you begin the search for literature, you need to think about how you will use landmarks. Such guidelines can serve as the correct hypothesis and the formulation of the purpose of the study. Theoretical sources need to be selected retrospectively. It means that firstly we search for actual or modern sources, since they have a higher priority. And then they can be diluted with older data, but only as a supplement.

We also recommend brother fundamental works, but not simple essays. Next, you will look for sources from basic to specific.

It is necessary to equal those authors who are most authoritative in scientific circles. But at the same time, we must take our own position, relying on the works of honored leaders. You can take not only domestic authors, but also foreign ones, if this is not forbidden by the subject of work. If you solve any applied problems, this does not exclude that you can use works from the field of a general methodological nature.

Using fundamental works, you will focus on the relevance of the studied area, but at the same time you will be able to highlight the main and fundamental in the topic being studied. As a result, you will formulate your vision of the problem area and its solutions.

The final point in writing the theoretical part of the work will be a statement of the discovery of a scientific problem, ways of studying and developing it at a given point in time. Therefore, the description of the problem area is the most important part of the theoretical chapter of the master’s thesis.