How to write master thesis?

Master’s thesis is called graduation work, a similar graduation project. But in the case of writing a master’s thesis work is research in nature. It depends on how well this dissertation is written, how the impression about the student will be. According to this thesis, we can conclude how the student improved his educational level during his studies, how clearly his analytical skills were formed, and how he can independently solve scientific problems. Also, the reviewer concludes that the student’s knowledge is consistent with the master’s level.

Features of writing the master’s work

In the master’s work is conducted a study that solves one or more scientific problems. All problems should be united by one common goal. The basis for writing a thesis is taken of the materials that the student was able to accumulate during his study. This can be coursework or practice reports. Often used even test papers. The progress of the work is monitored by the supervisor of the student.

There are three types of master’s thesis, depending on its content:

  • Theoretical work;
  • Applied work;
  • Academic work on the basis of solving innovative problems.

If the master’s thesis is written by a bachelor, then such work will be distinguished by a greater depth of thought and a comprehensive study of the field of study. In this work, several pressing problems are considered and practical methods for solving them are proposed. The work of a specialist is more academic in the study.

If the work meets all the requirements for it, then it will be possible to conclude that the student is fully prepared for independent scientific activity. If the highest score is awarded for work after the defense, the student will be awarded the degree of Master of Science.

How is the dissertation master

First of all, the work of the master must fully comply with the requirements of GOST, as well as demonstrate the scientific novelty and originality of the text. Also, the work should have significance for science and for a particular academic field. The problems to be solved must be strictly based on current information, as well as proved by scientific facts that the student draws from unique sources of information. The style of the language must be literary and scientific, taking into account the specifics of the subject area.

To complete the master’s thesis should be the same rules as any other graduate qualified work. You will also need to prepare a presentation for your work. To do this, you can create several slides with a brief description of the problem. It is possible for each chapter to prepare a couple of slides, or to put the main idea on them so that it is remembered by the audience also visually. Also do not forget to issue an abstract to distribute it to each of the commission members.

Components of the master’s thesis

In terms of its content, a master’s thesis may remind you of a banal term paper, but many students do this and make a basic mistake. In the master’s thesis there are a number of requirements that are specific only for this type of work.

Title page

This is the first page of work, which contains information about the student, his department and specialty, as well as about the topic of work.


Here are absolutely all sections of the work, including applications and references.

List of abbreviations used

This kind of explanation used in the work of abbreviations.


Here, briefly but concisely, the goals and objectives of the work are listed, identifying the main features of the thesis.

Main part

In this section, the work with sources is most of all carried out. Own research may not be here.


This section summarizes the topic of work. With the help of the conclusion it is possible to establish whether the student has reached the set spruce.


A complete list of used literature, including their own work.


These are tables, calculations, illustrations and similar material, which is referred to in the text.


This is a handout, which is a summary of the work.

What does the contents of the master’s thesis include?

With the help of competent division of work into headings and into substantive elements, it shows how the author of the work can independently conduct scientific activities. The more competently and clearly selected sources for dissertation writing, the more structured the conclusions of the work will be.

The largest part of the work is the main part. It consists of several sections or chapters. Most often this is at least three and no more than five chapters. The main part includes:

· Description of sources that are taken for study;

· Evaluation of these sources, most often, a critical assessment;

· Description and justification of the choice of method of scientific research;

· A description of the ideas and suggestions of the author of the work;

· Description of the findings;

Each chapter must end with a summary. Here it is important to adhere to scientific novelty, and not standard statements. If it is not possible to build a concept of work based on original sources, then it should be proved that generally accepted sources familiar in scientific circles were taken as a basis.

Master’s thesis volume

There are no clearly defined requirements for the volume of master’s thesis. It all depends on its theme and direction. The only rule is that the volume should not be more than 120 sheets. If the topic relates to the humanities, where it is customary to conduct lengthy reasoning, then its volume should be no more than 150 pages.

How to write a master’s thesis

If you clearly follow a pre-planned plan before starting work, it will not be difficult for you to write a WRC yourself.

How to choose a theme

You can provide a list of topics teacher in your department. But you can choose your own version of the topic, if it meets certain requirements. The theme of the work should be reasoned – the relevance and importance of the subject of the project is proved.

How to make a work plan

The work plan is a certain sequence with a time limit for each period. The work plan is approved by the curator. In essence, a work plan may represent some kind of shortened draft copy of your work. You can immediately in the plan to divide the work into chapters and prepare for each a small description. But it is best to put down the sources with which you will work in each of the chapters. So you will be able to correctly place links to sources. It is NOT possible that in the process of working on your dissertation you will change the plan several times. This is normal, because you will be more and more immersed in the studied problems. Ultimately, your plan will represent a clear sequence of work that you approve with your supervisor.

Explore the topic in all directions

At this stage, you will have to get acquainted with the sources and facts used, as well as analyze the information received. The main idea when writing such a work is that the author of Doen shows that he fully processed and understood the position of the authors of scientific publications and, on the basis of this, accepted his own position and proved its effectiveness and relevance for science. Processing of sources should be carried out from the most current to later, the limitation period of which does not exceed five years.

Definition of research methods

You are probably familiar with all the research methods on the examples of writing other scientific works. Choose the most optimal scientific method of research.

Analytical work

Here you will prove that the chosen method of research is optimal.

Writing a conclusion

It summarizes the theories you described.